What We Want To See From Nintendo At E3

With E3 beginning later this week, the team got together to pen down their hopes, wants and needs from each publisher. You can find every single press conference time and date HERE.


I’m really excited for Nintendo this year. We already know that we’re going to see more of Super Smash Bros, Yoshi and Pokemon Let’s GO, but there’s the potential there for them to show Metroid/Bayonetta as well as a bunch of other massive franchises such as Animal Crossing that could be teased. I think they’ll announce a few casual games for the holiday, which really excites me. I’d love to see a new Mario Party game as well as a new Wii Sports follow up. The Joy-Con tech still really excites me so I’d love to see it put to use.


With Pokemon Let’s Go being revealed prior to E3, it might suggest Nintendo need the time during the direct for other big announcements. Super Smash Bros Switch will obviously steal the show, but I suspect third-party releases will also feature heavily. And the star of the show? Fortnite of course.


With Pokémon and Super Smash Bros. already confirmed for 2018 releases, the Switch is going to do gangbusters come Christmas time. That said, we still don’t know about a lot of the first-party releases besides the aforementioned heavy-hitters, so I’m expecting Fire Emblem to finally be unveiled and given a release date, Yoshi to get a date (and an official title), and Travis Strikes Back to get some love too. As for the third-party stuff, Fortnite and Dragon Ball FighterZ look like sure-fire bets, and I’d also love to see something in the way of Fallout make its way to the Switch, too.


The usual suspects are all lined up. No need to pine for Smash, it’ll be there. No need to pine for Bayonetta, it’ll be there. The Switch came out swinging, no need to play catch up in terms of your Nintendo series checklist. It’s time for Nintendo to show us the future, not just iterated forms of their previous series. I’d love to see something that rivals the attention mobile games get in Japan, something to reconnect that audience with console gaming once again. I personally have no idea but after the Wii I could see Nintendo striking the lightning once again.


I honestly have no idea what to expect from the Big N. It seems like every time I think I know what they’re up to, they pull something unexpected (but usually great) out of left field. We’ll definitely see more of the Pokemon Let’s Go! games, which I’m super keen for. Will we also see a tease for the mainline title/s coming in 2019? It’s possible. I’m kinda hoping for some Super Mario Odyssey DLC as well, which seems unlikely at this point but a serious wasted opportunity for franchise crossovers if not. A new Zelda title or a Skyward Sword remaster wouldn’t go astray either, and where’s my damn Pikmin 4? Or Animal Crossing?? Honestly though, Nintendo could very well announce they’re making a knitting Joy-Con peripheral and I wouldn’t be surprised. Or upset.

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