All Of Your Devil May Cry 5 Questions Answered

Late last week we put the word out to our community to send us any questions that you wanted to be answered about Devil May Cry 5. There hasn’t been a game in this series (not counting the reboot) for a little over ten years now, so we’re sure there’s heaps of questions to be answered.

Obviously the story is a pretty big part of this Devil May Cry game, so I am going to be avoiding spoilers in my answers, so if your question didn’t make it I probably thought it was a little bit too much or that knowing the answer would ruin the experience for you.

Johansen Julian asks “Will I cry playing the story?”

I’d be surprised if anyone did! It’s great to see these characters back after so long, but there wasn’t a point where things got emotional enough that I cried. Sorry!

Oliver Hogan asks “Who are the main characters?”

The main playable cast is Nero, V and Dante. They’re joined by Trish and Lady, who you may know from previous Devil May Cry games, though they aren’t playable. Nico is a newcomer but one of the best – keep an eye out for her great, goofy exchanges with the rest of the cast!

Chris Smith asks “Is it good?” while Scott Burke also asked “I just want to know if it’s fun?”

Read my review to find out! (spoiler alert: yes)

Malachy Hamilton asks “Does the combat flow better than in the Xbox One demo from a few months ago?”

This one is a hard one to answer – but I do find a demo is almost always going to be less satisfying as building your own character and carving out your own niche of moves than the pre-built build the demo gives you. I admit I too had trouble connecting with the demo, but playing the full game that feeling went away completely as I could buy what upgrades I wanted when I want.

Alister Muchamore asks “Is that Nero?”

Yes, yes it is! Nero is modeled after Karlo Baker in this game, giving him a more realistic look. He is still voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch as he was in Devil May Cry 4.

Lee Daniel Walford asks “Will it live up to the hype? Will it draw you in to keep wanting to play non-stop?”

I think so! If you’re a Devil May Cry fan who has been following the story and all of the games since the beginning, I find it hard to comprehend that any long term fan will walk away from the story disappointing.

As for the non-stop playing, I can only offer one anecdote. When I finished Devil May Cry 3, I instantly jumped back in and finished it three more times across the span of the week it came out. I’ve never done that with a Devil May Cry game until Devil May Cry 5. It’s very easy to keep playing.

Thomas Vossos asks “Does each character have their own story or does it chop and change through out the story?”

There is one story that you play through in Devil May Cry 5, but each mission is designed for a specific character. You might play a few missions as Nero, then a few missions as V, and a few then as Dante before switching back to Nero (as an example). There are two missions in the game where you can select who you take into your mission, one of which has branching paths too. But it’s generally a structured story that weaves between the three characters.

Robert Fellows asks “now I’ve played and clocked them all and found the demo to be very slow as in not much to do”

I’m not sure if slow is the right word for this game, but just be aware the demo is about 60% of one mission of Devil May Cry 5. The full game features a full twenty missions. There’s heaps to do!

Patrick Wycherley asks “Who was the most interesting and fun to play?”

This one is a hard one because I love all of the playable characters for different reasons. If I had to select one, I’d probably pick V. This isn’t because he’s got the most depth to him or anything – he’s just the first Devil May Cry character who battles without directly, physically striking his enemies. That is just super interesting to me.

Dante and Nero are great though, but you probably know what to expect if you’ve played Devil May Cry 3 or 4.

Jason Grozdanovski asks “How would you recommend the game to someone who has never played a DMC game before?”

Easily! Devil May Cry 5 is one of the easiest in the series to pick up and play, and it has a lot of features built in if you’re overwhelmed or intimidated by the combat. There’s a pretty comprehensive catch-up video for the story too, accessible from the main menu, if you’re so inclined (and one that’s longer than anything Capcom has put out officially too, mind you).

Taylor Watson asks “Do Secret Missions take place like they do in the older games?”

Definitely! There’s around twelve, if I am remembering correctly. They are activated in a new and unique way in Devil May Cry 5, and one that’s much easier to do too. No more randomly examining random items in the environments, Secret Missions are now marked by strange glyphs in each level. This sounds easier, but it’s not, trust me! After running through the game five or so times I still haven’t found them all!

Reggie Evans asks “Does it have loot boxes?”

Um, no.

Jean-Paul Bartolomei asks “Why is there microtransactions in my Devil May Cry?!”

First of all, it’s our Devil May Cry. Second of all, these were incorporated into Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition as well.

Playing during the pre-release period, I was unable to access or view the pricing schemes for the microtransactions that allow you to purchase Red Orbs. However, there was never a point where I felt like I had to buy them to unlock anything and missions are generally very generous with them. You don’t even need to gather that many if you’re good at the game either – as higher ranks generally leads to higher wins for the player.

If you have any other questions, be sure to reach out to me on Twitter and I’ll do my best to respond if I can.

For now, enjoy Devil May Cry 5 when it releases later this week. It’s one of the greatest action games ever made and I am sure you’ll think so too!