Here’s Every Announcement From The Game Awards 2019

It was a big morning at The Game Awards this year and quite frankly I’m exhausted so let’s just get straight into it.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3’s Second DLC Pack Was Revealed

The pack introduces Cable, Gambit, Phoenix and Ice Man to the game. It hits December 23rd.

Maneater Is An Open World Shark Simulator Kind Of (And It Hits In May)

It looks like great fun, and you can evolve and customise your shark too, we think.

We Got A Peek At Salaam, A Runner Game Made By A Refugee To Let The World Know What It’s Like To Be A Refugee

Even better, sales will help support refugees in the real world.

No More Heroes III Is Looking Fine AF With A New Five Minute Trailer

Travis Touchdown returns for the Nintendo Switch in 2020.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Still Looks Epic With This New Cloud Focused Trailer

Yes epic.

Microsoft Revealed The Next Xbox As Xbox Series X. Yes, Xbox Se-X

At least that’s the acronym I’m going with for now.

 Ninja Theory Did What They Did Best And Showed Off Their First Xbox Series X Game. It’s Hellblade II

Bloody great stuff honestly.

We Got A Very Short Look At A Better Looking Joker In Mortal Kombat 11

The voice and the look is spot-on now. He hits in January.

Sony Showed Off One Of The First Playstation 5 Games

It’s a looter shooter but with swords, and will be out by the end of next year.

Bravely Default II Is Coming To The Switch In 2020

The game is from the same team (or at least some of them) that brought you the original series and Octopath Traveler.

The Newbie Friendly WarFrame: Empyrean Expansion Is Out Now On PC

Co-op spaceship dogfights bring the action up a bar once more.

A New Magic: The Gathering Game Was Revealed And It’s Called Theros: Beyond Death


PlayerUnknown Released The Shortest Teaser Ever For Their New Game: Prologue

Yeah look I don’t know either.

JJ Abrams Revealed That There’ll Be A Rise Of Skywalker Preview Event Inside Fornite

And that there’s new content coming to Fornite to celebrate too.

We Saw Sons Of The Forest, A Creepy Sequel To The Forest

Looks like one for fans of The Descent or Outlast.

Ruined King, A League of Legends Story Was Shown Off For The First Time

Riot continue to expand their gigantic franchise to consoles and PC.

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We Got A Sneak Peek At The Music Of Cyberpunk 2077

Some great big-name artists too and even a performance from Grimes.

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Could Be The Balder’s Gate Follow-Up We Dream Of

The game is a new action RPG that supports up to four players.

Mirage Crashed The Ceremony To Reveal The Holiday Event For Apex Legends Is Beginning Right Now

No wonder he’s one of the most searched on PornHub. What a charmer.

Microsoft Delayed Ori And The Will Of The Wisps, But Still Showed Us More Gameplay Anyway

It still looks beautiful, but is coming in March instead of February now.

Weird West Is A New Game From Devolver Digital From The Minds That Brought Us Prey and Dishonored

Some great talent behind this quirky indie title.

Magic The Gathering Keeps Appearing With A New Action MMO Called Magic Legends


Oculus Studios Revealed Path Of The Warrior, A Subversive Beat Em Up

Some punchy combat right there.

Sony Graciously Nailed Down A Release Window For Ghost Of Tsushima, But Still No Solid Release Date

Looking great, but I want it now honestly.

Microsoft Showed Off Gears Tactics, And It Seems To Be Meaty In More Ways Than One

Forty hour campaign and some quality cinematics? Yasssss.

We Got Our First Look At Naraka Bladepoint, A Stylish Action Game From China

Looks pretty good, if not a little rough.

A Group Of Ex-ArmA and Remedy Devs Are Working On Nine To Five, A Tactical Shooter

You can even register for the Alpha test next year.

Green Day Took To The Stage To Perform And Announce They’re Coming To Beat Saber

Did we need a performance? I don’t know.

Riot Kept League Of Legends On Our Mind With Another Game – Convergence

You can mess with time.

Surgeon Simulator 2 Was Announced

The Wolf Among Us 2 Has Been Reannounced And Bought Back From The Dead

Just a teaser for now, but it’s nice to see it’s back.

Fast & Furious: Crossroads Was Announced By Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez

My favourite announcement of the night obviously.