Every Gaming April Fools Gag Of 2022 That We’ve Been Subjected To So Far

The beginning of April is always a fraught time to be a gamer on the internet. Each year nearly every side of the industry decides to have a crack at the April Fools Day “fun” with fake news, product launches that will never occur and cruel pranks galore. While we figured the last 12 months has been enough of a joke already and abstained from the frivolities,

EB Games Is Back With More SALE Merch You Can Actually Buy

And once again the proceeds go to Starlight Children’s Charity. GG EB.

Update: The pre-order window for these is over now, hope you managed to snag one!

The Elgato Cam Link Retro Lets You Stream From Your Old Camcorder

According to Elgato, “retro is in” in 2022 – so here’s a product to turn your old tape-based camcorder into your next streaming device. Complete with RCA inputs and an out-of-pocket stab at people selling N*SYNC tour shirts on eBay. Just $69 plus $4.20 shipping (hehe).

The Razer HyperSense Suit Wants You To Feel Every Failure

Not only will you feel real, physical pain from its 1,333,337 haptic sensors with every crushing defeat at the hands of an Elden Lord, but you’ll also “feel every feeling” with the Razer HyperSense Suit. Love, anger, failure, all of it comes to life in a form that will probably only get a little bit (incredibly) sweaty after about 15 minutes.

New Leaked Nintendo Switch Device Lets You Stack And Play Up To 12 Game Cards

Our pals at Vooks never disappoint with their yearly gag, and judging by the replies on social media they might actually be onto something with the Nintendo Switch Stacker. Users can store and play up to 12 game cards under their Switch OLED dock, and even play them wirelessly in handheld mode thanks to the power of the blockchain!

Among Us Gets A New Horse Mode For One Day Only

Yeah, this one’s actually real. With a new free update that will disappear on April 2, Horse Mode switches your regular crewmates and imposters for four-legged nightmare versions and even comes complete with “neigh” kill sound and new animations.

NZXT’s Cursed Handheld Gaming PC Is Called The H-AND And I Hate It

Even though I know it’s a joke I really want whoever designed this handheld gaming PC at NZXT to be punished for their crimes. The full mouse buttons and scroll wheel on the right? The tenkeyless pull-out keyboard on the left?? Nightmare fuel.

PlatinumGames Announces Nine New NEOCLASSIC-ARCADE Titles

Platinum unveils the “SHOCKING 10” series of modern classics, following on from the release of Sol Cresta (a very real, serious game) with nine brand-new games. Working titles include things like “Ultimate Top View Bastard Action Game” and “Dynamite Sexy Puzzle Game”. There’s even a whole fake press conference for them!

Bugsnax Is Getting A Free Update That Makes All The Snax Incredibly Small

The Isle of Smallsnax is a free update that’s definitely not coming to Bugsnax. Watch the Snax continually shrink until they are simply no longer visible, feed them to your friends to watch them shrink as well. Even the game itself is getting shrunk.

CORSAIR Has Made A Gaming Keyboard With Just One Key

Somehow it still has enough room for a USB-C connection, headphone jack, volume rocker and magnetic wrist rest. The single key is hot-swappable too so you can change it from an F to a W as soon as you deserve it. It even has RGB!

HyperX’s New Keycaps Are Here To Help You Touch Grass

No joke, I actually think the grassy keyboard looks neat. Completely unusable but neat. HyperX was even kind enough to include a link to purchase this ridiculous bit of gear.

TUNIC Is Getting A Totally Rad New Sequel

Tunic Fawk’s Pro Skater is a brilliant title and I wish this were real.