All Of The PC Gaming Show Announcements

Big dork energy!

Although it doesn’t seem to carry the prestige of some of the bigger showcases, there’s always a few neat little surprises to come out of every PC Gaming Show that are worth checking out with your morning coffee.

Presented by PC Gamer, this year’s showcase seemed to strike a nice balance, offering a little something for everybody and covering off on just about every genre under the sun.

Here is every announcement, reveal and update to come out of this morning’s PC Gaming Show.

Soulstice Looks Like A Dark Final Fantasy VII-Like

This one evokes a bit of Final Fantasy VII Remake energy with some of its imagery. It looks like a pretty standard fantasy hack-and-slash game that’s coming to next-gen only and it releases on September 20, 2022.

Rotwood Is A Four-Player Hack & Slasher From The Don’t Starve Devs

Rotwood is an adorable mash-up of Cuphead and Battletoads. It borrows its aesthetic from the former while leaning on the latter to seemingly deliver a super nice beat ’em up title. The game is coming to early access soon, we expect.

The game supports up to four players and is made by the developer of Don’t Starve.

Tactical Breach Wizards Looks Like A Rad Tactical Game

From the makers of Gunpoint and Heat Signature, Tactical Breach Wizards looks like a pretty cool turn-based tactical game set in a dystopic future on the brink of a fifth World War. It can be wishlisted on Steam now.

The Invincible Is A Cool Sci-Fi Game From CD Projekt Red And Techland Devs

From developers who’ve worked at CD Projekt Red and Techland comes The Invincible, a moody sci-fi title that got its first gameplay reveal during the showcase. It looks really nice based on the beta footage shown.

It delivers a nice tone and setting but looks to be rather exploration-heavy.

Endless Dungeon Has The Guns, The Turrets, And Upgrades

The first open beta for Endless Dungeon, a new co-op dungeon crawler from Sega, is now welcoming sign-ups.

F1 Manager 2022 Is A Cool Looking Management Sim

Brought to us by the team who developed Zoo Tycoon and Jurassic Park Evolution, F1 Manager 2022 is set to release for PC on August 25.

The Constructors Looks Like Sim City But Laser-Focused On Real Building

It’s a brief look, but The Constructors looks like it goes a level deeper than traditional city builders.

Chivalry 2: Tenosian Invasion Is Out Now On Steam

Fresh from Tripwire Games, Chivalry 2 shows off a heap of slick and massive battles, full of gory swordplay complete with some nasty-looking decapitations. There’s some nice-looking destruction, too, as one army breaches a wall with cannon fire while toppling over a belltower.

Chivalry 2: Tenosian Invasion is out right now on Steam.

Deceive Inc. Is A Multiplayer Game About The Swinging 60s And Subterfuge

Deceive Inc. appears to be Prop Hunt meets Austin Powers, what’s not to love?

Flintlock: The Siege Of Dawn Was Shown Off Once Again

Developed by Kepler Games and A44 Games, who brought us Ashen, Flintlock looks like a nice little fantastical action role-playing game that looks like it melds axe combat, gunplay with magic casting via the protagonist’s little companion. Kind of has “we have Forspoken at home” vibes.

It’s coming out early next year.

The Alters Is Yet Another Survival Game Set In Outer Space

From the creators of This War Of Mine comes this eerie survival game set in the far reaches of space. Although the reveal was only pre-rendered, The Alter definitely appears to deliver on solidifying the game’s trippy concept.

And they said it was clonely out in space?

We Got An Idea Of What’s On The Horizon For Outriders

People Can Fly’s co-op shooter Outriders showcased its upcoming Worldslayer expansion, which offers new abilities, worlds, and a whole lot of cool-looking co-op action. James boldly claims that this game is, in fact, what Destiny wishes it was.

Outriders: Worldslayer drops on June 30.

Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator

Leaving early access pretty soon is Potion Craft, which actually has an art direction remisicent of Obsidian’s new game Pentiment.

We Got A Look At Season 4 Of Super Animal Royale

There’s nothing cuter than adorable animals in army kit mowing each other with automatic rifles.

Nitro Kid Looks Like An 80s-Soaked Tactical Game And You Can Play The Demo Now

Nitro Kid has style, it has flair, and it looks like a cocaine-fueled fever dream from kid’s television in the 80s. It appears to be a tactical turn-based game around the art of karate, and there’s even a Goro-like boss with four arms.

Click here for the demo.

Mahokenshi Looks Like A Wild Card-Based Strategy Game

It’s coming next year, so play your cards right and you just might get to play it?

Killing Floor 2’s Tidal Terror Update Takes Place On Rough Seas

Much like that Modern Warfare II gameplay did to Ewan, this reveal left me cold and wet.

Hopeful Arma 4 Fans Got Quite An Info Dump

There was quite a lot of information to come out of this lengthy developer interview.

Great Houses Of Calderia Is A Grand Strategy Experience

Set in a fictional land, this game looks to be another top strategy experience for fans of the genre.

Shiro Unlimited Gave Updates On All Of Their Projects Including Two New Games

The team gave updates on a bunch of titles, including the multiplayer update for the very beige Dune: Spice Wars, Northgard, and a multiplayer update for Wartales. They also went on to detail two brand new games.

One looks like a moody underwater game called Abyssals which appears to focus on survival and colonisation, while the other is called Decarnation and looks more like an old-school JRPG with a real Junji Ito-esque horror twist.

I Am Future’s Trailer Explodes A Pigeon, Okay?

The game looks like yet another survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world, although its nice and almost Fortnite-like art direction might set it apart from other games of its ilk. Although the trailer’s real star, a curious pigeon, does get exploded which feels like a shame.

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We Got A Look At Jurassic Park Evolution 2’s New Expansion

The Diminion Biosyn Expansion, which is a tad wordy, is coming out this week so get excited dinosaur fans.

System Shock’s Remake Looks The Part

Shodan, the GLaDOS before GLaDOS even existed, returns in this remake of System Shock, which is absolutely looking the part. We’re super excited for this one from Night Dive Studios.

It takes only a look at what the original looked like to realise just how far this game has come. I mean, this game served as a spiritual predecessor to BioShock, so blessed be the fruit.

Falling Frontier Depicts Interstellar Warfare On A Grand Scale

It’s a sci-fi RTS game.

We Got Another Look At Super People’s Explosive Trailer

Lock if old. (It is.)

Sam Barlow’s New Game Immortality Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass

Immortality looks to capture that traditional Sam Barlow vibe, as seen previously in games like Her Story and Telling Lies. When it releases on July 26, it’s also coming to Xbox Game Pass for console and PC.

It looks chilling.

Navalis Places You On-Foot In The World Of Cloudpunk

Cloudpunk was one of my personal favourite cyberpunk games of the last few years, and this game definitely seems to expand on that idea. Only instead of a Crazy Taxi-like, Nivalis lets you live life within the game’s setting.

It can be wishlisted on Steam and the Epic Game Store.

Demonschool Looks Like A Hot Stranger Things/Persona Mash-Up

Demonschool is a tactical role-playing game inspired by games like Into the Breach but skinned as a slice of life game for a demon hunter named Faye as she tries to endure her regular, school life. It’s out next year.

Scorn Isn’t A Shooter According To Newest Gameplay Reveal

We learned a few things about Scorn during our latest glimpse into the twisted, skewed world inspired by H.R. Giger. As we learned during the Xbox showcase, it’s out in October and is coming to Game Pass.

The game will apparently have no dialogue and the walkthrough reiterated the game isn’t a shooter despite the presence of some organic-looking, well, guns.

We Also Got An Info Dump On Warhammer: Space Marine 2

Spin up your chainsaw-swords and have at it, marines.

Agent 64: Spies Never Die Is Basically Goldeneye 007 And We’re Glad!

I mean, Xbox didn’t seem to deliver for us so we’re glad someone delivered a Goldeneye game today.

Deliver Us Mars Is Set To Launch In September

We got a nice epic gameplay trailer for Deliver Us Mars which is coming to consoles and PC in a couple of short months.

Stormgate Is The Cool Looking, New RTS From Starcraft Devs

Stormgate will be free-to-play. The trailer also went out of its way to confirm the game won’t have NFTs. So that’s a couple of points in the piggy bank for Frost Giant Studios.

There’s a bit of promise here of a unified world that’s set to be full of varying experiences, such as co-op and PVP modes. There was even a bit of talk about custom technology being required to ensure the net code is going to be stable and unwavering when thousands of units are on-screen at once.

Register for the beta now before it debuts next year.

Laysara: Summit Kingdom Looks Like A Darling Civilisation-Like

R.I.P. to that poor mountain village that got wiped out by that avalanche, that was brutal. Laysara: Summit Kingdom is expected to launch early next year.

Frozen Flame Is A RPG Coming Out Later This Year

Ticks all of the boxes, doesn’t it?

Victoria 3 Throws Players Right Into The 1800s

Not going to lie, I can’t tell this apart from something like Anno. I have blindness to centuries-old simulators about economy and politics. Imagine if words actually showed up on land like that, though. And you could like see it from an airplane, that’s a world I want to live in.

New Blood Prove Their Metal AF And Show Off Gloomwood

I never thought I’d see Dave Oshry and an internet-breakingly cute pup debuting the trailer for Gloomwood, but here we are?

Although Gloomwood enters early access in August, there’s a demo you can try out right now.

Backfirewall’s Anti-Hero Gives Me Wheatley Vibes

The game is about an OS that really doesn’t want to update, bless him.

Norland Stands As Proof That The PC Gaming Show Is Still Running

It’s early (or late, depending on how you look at things). So, yeah, it’s a game. There’s a focus on generating story, which certainly appeals to me!

Them’s Fightin’ Herds Is Another Game About Animals Abusing Each Other

PETA is going to have a field day with this, but it’s nature innit?

Core Keeper’s Sunken Sea Update Is Coming Soon

Coming to Steam in just a couple of days, the sandbox survival sim’s new update is going to be available to all existing players.

Farthest Frontier’s Trailer Is Pixar Levels Of Sad

Following a roaming caravan of beleaguered settlers, this game’s journey definitely appears to be a morose and difficult one. There’s no indication of how it’ll play, but the core idea reminds me a little of The Banner Saga.

Synergy Has A Super Nice Art Direction

It looks a little bit like Sable, although very different.

Icarus Got A Free DLC Map Pack

I’d never heard of this one but it certainly looks like an ambitious co-op shooter set on an alien planet.

Half-Life Alyx: Levitation Is A User-Made Mod Coming Out Of Steam Workshop

As someone who absolutely adored Half-Life: Alyx and has seen what talented developers can do after Black Mesa’s developers brought the original Half-Life to life in their stunning remake, I’m super excited to see what the team can do with this one.

It’s called Half-Life Alyx: Levitation, and sees the return of G-Man and fan favourite Russell. It’s hard to believe it isn’t official given how polished it looks.