Tips For Playing AFL Evolution

AFL Evolution dropped today on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The controls are pretty challenging to learn as AFL is a frantic and messy game, so we’ve put together some tips to help you succeed and find your way to victory.

Start on Beginner/Easy

By default, the game is set to medium and you’re going to struggle. Starting on beginner or easy allows you to learn the controls, and even though you’re more than likely to win by 30-40 points, it’s much better than losing by 100 in medium due to the fact that you’re not given the chance learn controls.

Marking Is Difficult

Marking is probably the most frustrating part of the game at first. It is a bit hit and miss, but you need to hold down triangle until the white circle is at the centre. Don’t mash triangle as you’ll have absolutely no luck. Positioning is also very important but timing will put your best foot forward to taking a mark.

Use The Torpedo

The torpedo kick is performed by holding down L2 and pressing either X or O. The game advises that you’ll kick long and not accurately, but honestly, it’s the only way to go. It’s incredibly overpowered and you’ll find that you’re able to get towards your goal quicker. It’s also incredibly handle when you’re kicking out after a behind.

Use Your Stamina Wisely

Sprinting in AFL Evolution should be done in short bursts, rather than constantly holding down the R2 button. This isn’t FIFA. If you’re going to hold down the R2 button, you’ll constantly get pinned for holding the ball, as it will automatically play on as soon as you take a mark. Save your sprint for when you’re actually trying to make a break rather than holding it down constantly.

Fending and Evading

If your style is a running game, you’ll need both the fend and evade. You can perform a step by pushing the right stick left or right and you can perform a fend by pushing the right stick up. Both of these actions use stamina, which is once again why you should save it for these moments.

Set Shots Are Easy

Set shots is one of the easiest parts of the game. Don’t move your character too far to the left or right regardless of wind and learn how to not go over the power metre. It’s also important to keep the right stick straight as curving it will add curve.

Following The Ball

You can hold triangle in order to run towards the player. It’s incredibly helpful when you’re trying to follow the ball in order to make that important tackle.