AFL Game 2023

AFL 23 Looks to Be The New AFL Game

Some new info has surfaced.

Update: Big Ant Studios CEO and founder, Ross Symons, has commented on the leak and confirmed that the game is, in fact, coming to Xbox Series X|S and not Nintendo Switch. The reason for the omission of Nintendo’s platform is apparently just due to performance concerns:

Back in September last year, we got our first proper look at the next big AFL game with a sizzle reel and playable set shot demo making a surprise showing at the MCG. At the time, we didn’t have an official title for the game, nor a release date or platforms.

Now, a listing on the Australian Classification website has popped up to potentially confirm the title as well as release platforms for the game.

According to the classification page, the game will be called AFL 23 and is headed to PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. Xbox Series X|S are mysteriously omitted but this could be an error or an incomplete listing.

AFL 23 is rated G with “Very mild coarse language, online interactivity, in-game purchases and chat.”

You can read about our first impressions of the game and watch a trailer below: