How To See God Of War’s Secret Main Ending (Which You Don’t Want To Miss)

It goes without saying that there’s some spoilers below. However, I’d definitely recommend you to bookmark this page (or remember to come back to it) because this ending is super cool (it’s actually the main ending when the credits roll) and is very easy to never actually see. 

Whilst I finished God Of War a while ago, I must admit that I didn’t come across the secret ending until a little later.

Whilst the credits roll in-game, the game doesn’t cut to black or even seem to be over, which might seem a little bit odd to you, but there’s another much more fulfilling ending that you’re able to get before the game fades to black and rolls the credits.



Firstly, you can fast travel straight back to Kratos and Atreus house, before heading to your bed to sleep. Kratos does make a mention right at the end of the game, (that they should return home), but there really aren’t many other prompts outside of this.

You can then choose to sleep, before text comes on screen that it’s “years later”. Believe it or not, Thor then shows up at Kratos/Atreus’ house to give them payback for the pain that they have inflicted on their family. He can be seen in plain sight with his electric hammer.

We don’t see Thor at all during this game (he’s referenced a lot), it’s clear that he’ll be in future games in this trilogy. This could even the planned beginning of the sequel. It’s for this reason that this secret main ending is even more important to view.

The two minute cutscene quickly ends, before Kratos and Atreus return to “present time” where they speak about the very weird “dream” that they had just had.

Honestly, it was not only one of the coolest moments in this game, but it was genuinely a surprise to me when I saw this play. So many people are going to finish this game and never have seen this ending.