How To Unlock The RYNO 8, Bouncer And Pixelizer In Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart features the series’ best selection of wild and wonderful weapons to date, with a whopping 20 of them to either purchase or unlock as you play through the series’ fantastic new entry. While the majority of these weapons can be purchased gradually throughout your first playthrough of the game, there’s a knack to unlocking both its most powerful and ridiculous gun as well as a couple of cheeky returning favourites.



Rift Apart’s menagerie of inventive and explosive weapons features a great mix of both returning and brand-new toys to play with, but it just wouldn’t be a Ratchet & Clank game without the all-powerful RYNO. While it can’t be obtained until the game’s final stages, it makes a great addition to the arsenal for going back and finishing off side content or starting a second playthrough in Challenge Mode.

Unlocking the RYNO 8 in Rift Apart is as simple as collecting all of the hidden spybots in the game – of which there are typically one on each planet – and trading them in with the weapon vendor Mrs Zurkon for the ultimate weapon. It’s not an overly difficult task, with most of the spybots coming naturally through tackling side objectives and exploring planets thoroughly, and a late unlockable map gadget will show you where any missed spybots are, but to make things even easier we’ve noted down the locations of each below.


Corson V:  

Obtainable after getting the Phantom Dash ability and returning to the market area. Mrs Zurkon will alert you to its existence. To find it, head to the train station to the right of the giant, gold Nefarious statue and follow the tether rifts to a factory. Make your way through until you reach a train platform, clear the enemies here and your Spybot reward awaits at the end.


On returning to Sargasso after visiting Zurkie’s for the first time you’ll receive an optional objective to help Mort feed his pet Trudi a bunch of Zurpstones. Collect 30 and you’ll unlock some new boots, collect all 60 and you’ll get this Spybot.

Blizar Prime: 

Follow the optional mission objective to Chef Tulio, and help her out by defending her honey extracting pump against waves of enemies. She’ll reward you with this Spybot.


At the northeast-most section of this planet, there’s a cave that you can enter by jumping up some stone platforms. Inside the cave is a giant ship. Swing across to the ship, claim your Spybot prize and be prepared for a group of enemies to suddenly appear.


One of these can be won in the arena once you’ve progressed far enough to open up the corresponding tier of challenges. The other can be found on a floating platform to the right of the entrance rift to the bar. Once you’ve unlocked the hurlshot, a swinging point will appear here to help you reach the Spybot.

Torren IV: 

When you first swing over to the junk town at the start of the level, take the path on the right and follow the Magboot walkways to this Spybot.


In the main power core room in the intact dimension, use the pink bounce pad to get up onto a platform with some computer terminals then turn around and see a tether rift on a platform on the wall, the Spybot is here.


When you first get onto a Speetle, instead of taking the obvious path, hang a right and go across some speed ramps and rings of fire to a larger area with a section of land at the back, drop yourself off there and find the Spybot.


In the building you’ll enter after crossing the water, before dropping down from the vents you’ll find this Spybot hidden behind a fan you need to knock down.


Once you’ve grabbed the last of the spybots, you’ll be able to visit the nearest Mrs. Zurkon’s and trade them in for the uber-powerful RYNO 8! The latest iteration of the series’ staple megaweapon opens a literal rift above your enemies, dropping all manner of interdimensional space junk on top of them before finishing off with a huge blast.

The fully-upgraded version of the RYNO 8, the aptly-named RYNO Infinity, boosts the destructive power even further by opening up multiple portals, and creating an explosion when an object hits the ground.

You’ll also be able to upgrade the RYNO 8/Infinity with a perk that causes the rifts it opens to drop things from dimensions outside of Ratchet & Rivet’s, including some surprises from other Insomniac and PlayStation Studios characters



Thankfully it’s not nearly as involved a process to unlock Rift Apart’s other two extra weapons, the Bouncer and Pixelizer. You won’t be able to buy these two classic weapons at a Mrs. Zurkon’s until you’ve finished the game itself, but once you do they’ll become available in the game’s Challenge Mode (essentially a new game+). As soon as you come across a Mrs. Zurkon’s in Challenge Mode you’ll be able to pick them both up for a cool one bolt each and add them to your arsenal!

As a bonus, anyone who pre-ordered the game either through the PSN Store or at participating retailers will have early access to the Pixelizer weapon without needing to finish the game first, but it’s good to know that you can also unlock it during regular play.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is out now exclusively for PS5. The cheapest price is currently $98 on Amazon.

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