How To Unlock The Broomstick In Hogwarts Legacy And Start Flying

It takes longer than expected.

Whilst a lot of the marketing material for Hogwarts Legacy featured you flying around Hogwarts Castle on a broomstick, you actually don’t get to fly on a broomstick until roughly 8-10 hours in the game.

We know that without doubt that one of the first things that people will want to be doing in the game is flying around Hogwarts, so this guide tells you how you get the broomstick and when you can expect to start flying around the Wizarding World.


At about 8 or so hours into the game, you’ll be able to get the broomstick and fly by completing a main story quest. It’s the 19th story quest in the game to be specific.

Once you have completed the Jackdaw’s Rest quest, you will receive a quest called Flying Class. During this quest, you’ll get a flying lesson from Madam Kogawa, where you’ll be able to tour the castle by air where you’ll be taught the basics of flying.

How To Get The Broomstick Hogwarts Legacy

After the quest is finished, you’ll be able to head to Spintwitches in Hogsmeade and purchase a broom for 600 gold. There’s no way to get a broomstick initially for free, so if you’ve spent your money, you’ll need to sell some gear or find a chest to unlock gold.

As far as brooms go, they all have the same performance, but look differently. Any upgrades that you unlock throughout the story will affect al of the brooms that you own, so think of any additional purchases as skins.

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