This Is The Only Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree Map You’ll Ever Need

We 'erd you needed help.

Now that everyone’s had plenty of time to sink their teeth into Shadow of the Erdtree, the enormous DLC expansion for FromSoftware’s masterpiece, Elden Ring, it’s about that time where folks who’ve polished off the main content are starting to poke around the more hidden corners of its map and the rest of us (i.e. me) are continuing to beat our heads against a wall while we figure out how to beat literally anything.

Thankfully, there are plenty of websites out there now offering their own detailed maps and guides on everything to be found in the Realm of Shadow, including those all-important Scadutree Fragments. So many, in fact, that I wound up stuck on who to trust most to guide me on my journey to making good on the DLC’s $60 entry fee. And then, I found it – the best Shadow of the Erdtree map on the internet.

The folks behind the Elden Ring wiki on FextraLife have put some special sauce in their Shadow of the Erdtree map that makes it not only super comprehensive, but with some great features to make it customisable and interactive. Not only does the map contain the locations for things like key sites, NPCs, bosses, Scadutree Fragments, Sites of Grace and more but it allows you to easily toggle on and off what you want to see at any time (a blessing given how much stuff there is on this map), but even better is the ability to click/tap on anything on the map and get a deeper description of exactly where and how to find it so you’re not running around a small patch of land looking for something that’s especially well-hidden.

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erdtree map

Image: Elden Ring Wiki

And if you want to go even deeper than that, signing up to FextraLife’s “VIP” membership (I promise this isn’t an ad) will allow you to actively track your progress on the collectibles across any device where you access the map, which is pretty cool – maybe not worth the $5 USD per month subscription fee for this one game but it’s an option.

You can find the map right here.

Of course, if you’d prefer to search these things out for yourself but just want some advice on getting an edge in the DLC, we’ve got our own guide to some pretty tasty character builds that are worth looking into. Check that out here.