New Adventure Time Game Announced

Cartoon Network and D3Publisher have revealed a new Adventure time game, Developed by WayForward the same team that did the last Adventure Time game for the 3DS. Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW! (Yes, that is the title of the game, titled much like the previous installment.) Will be taking us into the mysterious royal dungeon, but this time with the ability to play as more characters and also allowing us to explore with friends in 4 play Co-op. While not many other details have been released we know that Pendleton Ward series creator will be overseeing the project and that it will be seeing a release in Fall in the US. So hopefully Australia gets it around the same time.

I loved the previous Adventure Time game, while it did have it’s problems, it was fun. What are you looking forward to seeing in this new title? Any specific thing you felt was missing from the first game? Let us know!