Grand Theft Auto Online Revealed

August 15th marked the reveal of Rockstars planned online future for the highly anticipated upcoming game Grand Theft Auto V. Since the release date was announced earlier in the year, 17 September for those playing at home, Rockstar has been playing coy with what it has planned for the online component of its latest blockbuster. The latest trailer takes us on a journey across San Andreas and introduces us to our online avatar who is confirmed to be the fourth face in the character select wheel seen in the the most recent . Online hangouts, custom vehicles and multiplayer bank heists are all on the cards according to the new trailer that sets up the notion of a “dynamic shared world”.

With such a massive amount of content crammed into a stand alone multiplayer, its no wonder that they have pushed back the release of Grand Theft Auto Online to October 1st, two weeks after the launch of one of the most highly anticipated games of this console generation.