New Atlus Teaser Site Arises

In the midst of SEGA purchasing Atlus and all that other Jazz, an interesting site has popped up.  Rumours are going around that it could be the next Persona title that has been supposedly in development since early 2011, because the Person Team logo makes an appearance on the site. Dear lord in heaven I hope they are correct and we will find out soon enough, and I couldn’t be more excited and anxious at the same time.


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Mark your calendars ATLUS fans! 24th of November is set to be something big, if you want local time, it roughly equates to 9PM AEST.

Even if it isn’t Persona, I’ll still be excited. Persona Team always seems to produce quality work, with Catherine being one of my favourite games of this generation. Maybe it’s a sequel, or a new IP. Who knows. Check out the site here if you want to dig around for clues link