Rocksteady Studios Set To Reveal Upcoming Project Next Month

If reports are to be believed, we may be hearing what Rocksteady has been toiling away on over the last few years in a reveal next month.

Courtesy of the Bat-tastic website they divulge that a mysterious Dutch Games journalist has been quite twitter happy. Tweeting off a picture of the sign out front of Rocksteady Studios and a comment in the journalists native tongue, which translates too “I’m not allowed to talk about it for a month. I guess next month’s GI cover is a given?”

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There have already been a few reports of Rocksteady working on a sequel to Arkham City. With Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy shedding some retracted light on the issue early last year.

Judging by the sounds of the tweet, we only have to wait a month for the reveal from Game Informer. Be sure to check back here as we bring you the news as it unfolds.