Rumor: PS4 100% More Powerful Than Xbox One & Next Gen Uncharted Details?

Have you been impressed lately by the powerful graphics the PS4 is apparently able of producing? Well, here’s some interesting news for you. On a tweet made by industry insider Ahsan Rasheed, the next uncharted for the Playstation 4 will have graphics akin to the cutscenes in The Last of Us. Also Boats.

Rasheed also added that the PS4 has, and I quote “the PS4 has approximately a 100 percent performance overhead over the Xbox One. 100 percent.” A very controversial statement to say the least, but maybe there’s some kind of loophole to how true it is. Considering how so many games that have been announced lately have been shown to be running at 1080p on the PS4, and inferior resolutions on the One, maybe there’s some truth to these statements.

Impressive news is it not? I hope the Uncharted news is true. Knowing the quality Naughty Dog is able to produce, it doesn’t seem too far fetched though. Keep your fingers crossed people.

Here’s the original tweets. Truth or flame fuel? You be the judge.