Plants VS Zombies: Garden Warfare DLC “Garden Variety Pack” Out Tomorrow

EA is due to release a new DLC for Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare tomorrow; for the grand price of $0.00. The new DLC will give you a brand new map, a new game type and 24 new character ability upgrades.

The new game type will be called Gnome Bomb. The mode will see players obtaining a bomb that randomly spawns within the map. After obtaining that bomb you will have to take it to the objective location on your opponents side. Gnome Bomb will require you to be quick thinking as whoever gets the bomb first will be at an advantage.

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The new map, called Chomp Town will support Garden Ops, Team Vanquish and Gnome Bomb.

Be sure to get it first thing tomorrow.

PvZGW_Garden Variety_Drone-attack_1

PvZGW_Garden Variety_Coop_MainStreet_1

PvZGW_Garden Variety_Sombrero_action_shot_1-3