Card Games On The Rise

Dead Man’s Draw: – $9.99 on Steam and FREE on the Apple Store

>Dead Man’s Draw is an original card game with a BlackJack feel as you can go bust if you draw the wrong card.

The game mechanic is completely original though. If the game relies primarily on probability, additional elements such as trait and ability completely alter the odds. Therefore decision making based purely on statistics as in BlackJack or Poker is not possible here, adding an interesting twist to the game.

The calculated risk-taking attitude necessary to play the game allows you to experience Poker-like excitement. The game has received positive reviews overall and the free version is fun to play even without any In App Purchase.

Runespell: overture – $8.99

Runespell:Overture is a twist on dungeon crawling, but instead of swords you are battling your opponent with Poker hands inflicting damages according to their respective strength.

The game has received mixed to positive reviews and according to it’s a Puzzlequest-like adventure. The characteristic of this genre is to bring elements of RPG to otherwise solitaire or puzzle-type games. It’s undoubtedly a casual game, but in its noblest form.

Texas Cheat’Em:

texas cheatem
A single or multiplayer casino cheating simulation (so you don’t actually get to cheat the house!).

Unlock the 15 cheating abilities and forget all about fair play. In this game it’s all about winning at all cost.

Amongst the game’s features you will find the classic casino games: Roulette, BlackJack and of course Texas Hold’em.

The original rules of these classics are of course distorted to stick with the aims of the developer.

But if the game tries to bring an original twist to classic casino games, unfortunately the mini-games you need to win to unlock the cheating ability become a bit repetitive.

With its $9.99 price tag, you might prefer to skip to the game below, which offers a better cost/quality ratio.

“Card City Nights is an adventure through a city filled with card-nuts and lunatics. Battle for the 8 legendary cards to enter the biggest competition this city has seen yet”.

This is the most recent game in our selection. It’s a single player adventure with quasi-RPG mechanics if it were not for the battle system using cards. This card game is played on 3×3 grids.

The card you play will belong to several categories such attack, defense, neuter, etc. Each card have a certain number of connectors. Once the cards are connected they form a combo and their effect is applied. Your goal is to gather the 8 legendary cards to enter the ultimate tournament and become the champion (it reminds me of Rio Rainbow Gate without the fan service!).