New Hitman Title Revealed

UPDATE: A brand new Hitman reboot has been confirmed for release on PS4, Xbox One and PC with 6 exclusive contracts coming to PS4.
In a suspicious turn of events, popular Twitter user and gaming news source Wario64 has possibly spotted the leak of a new Hitman title from Square-Enix. Wario64 spotted a pre-order page for an unknown Hitman™ title for PlayStation®4.

We here at Press-Start Australia did our own look at the leaked material, with a few conclusions that would support Wario64’s claim.

  • The font usage and logo are previously unknown to the franchise, nor has there ever been a game in the franchise with only the main title, excluding any subtitle.
  • No artwork from the previous HD collection has been used.
  • The pricing point seems to be on point with most new releases throughout the UK, which the leak seems to originate from.
  • The wording seems to imply that the game might reboot the franchise, due to the general description of the storyline, though this is negotiable.

You can see the listing for yourself HERE