Twitch Got A Ton Of New Updates Today

?Twitch today revealed that a ton of updates would be coming to the streaming platform imminently.

Twitch Clip Titles

Twitch Clips have been a massive part of Twitch in recent months and the updates keep coming.

You’re now able to give custom titles to share more of your favourite moments from Twitch.

New Streamer Dashboard

For streamers, getting information about their stream has been quite clunky for some time. Thankfully, the streamer dashboard has received a big upgrade.

Streamers can now see useful stats at a glance and change what they see on the fly. They’re able to customise their layout and optimised their stream based on network connections. Better stats are also now available to help streamers be educated on the people watching their streams.


Twitch for the most part is a brilliant community, but as with any community, there is a small group of people who ruin the fun for everyone with offensive and trollish comments. AutoMod combats this by automatically shielding your chat. Streamers can configure AutoMod to one of four levels which targets messages under four categories: identity, sexual language, aggressive speech and profanity.

 When AutoMod flags a message in chat, it will let the sender know that the moderator will review the message before it’s available to chat.

One thing is incredibly clear. Twitch is expanding and upgrading to ensure that it is exclusive for a wider audience, and that’s a great thing for the wider gaming community.