Stoic Return to Kickstarter for Banner Saga 3

Stoic have returned to where it all began in 2012 when they used Kickstarter to launch The Banner Saga, their now award-winning tactical role-playing game. The first game in the series had an initial goal of USD 100,000 though it went on to reach a total funding of USD 723,886, far exceeding its goal.

The series is one steeped in fantasy and Viking culture, as you lead a caravan of villagers, fighters and Varl across a world shattered by what could very well be the end of days. It’s a rich, story-driven series that is certainly well on its way to receiving a concluding chapter as Stoic’s crowdfunding campaign has already raised half of its USD 200,000 goal.

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No release date is set in stone yet for Banner Saga 3, though the Kickstarter campaign’s “expected delivery” is listed as December 2018, a likely placeholder for Stoic.

Details about backer rewards and Stoic’s vision for the final chapter of this Norse-inspired epic can be found at the official Kickstarter.