Valve Is Appealing Against The $3 Million Dollar Australian Consumer Fine

A source has told ChannelNews that Video game distribution giant Valve has lodged an appeal in the Federal Court against a ruling made against them last year, which would see them fined $3 million dollars for breaking ACCC rules.

A court ruled on December 23rd that the terms and conditions in the Steam subscriber agreements and refund policies included false or misleading representations about consumer’s right to obtain a refund for games if they didn’t mean their quality standards.

Justice Edelman said that Valve had formed a view that “was not subject to Australian law”.

Steam is the biggest digital distributor for video games worldwide with 125 million active users, which is why the ACCC deemed it to be such a big issue.

An ACCC spokesperson has told Australian outlet ChannelNews that “the ACCC is closely examining the judgment before it can comment further”

Thanks, ChannelNews.