Framed 2

The Prequel To The Award Winning Melbourne Made ‘Framed’ Is Out This Month

The Melbourne developers behind the successful and highly praised noir puzzle game Framed are back with their follow up Framed 2, set to launch on June 14th. No not next year, this month!

Following the success of the original stylish puzzle game Framed from Melbourne developer Loveshack entertainment, it was no surprise when the team announced they were working on a follow up to the smart and unique mobile game.

The core gameplay involves moving story boards around to create the right sequence of events so the protagonist can move onto the next scene and continue the story. It is some incredibly smart yet simple game design, which contributed to the success of the original.

An example of the Framed series' gameplay.
An example of the Framed series’ gameplay.

After releasing back in 2014, Framed was downloaded over a million times just on the IOS store, won and was nominated for numerous awards and was even Hideo Kojima’s favourite game for that year.

Being a mobile game, the short time frame from announcement to release doesn’t surprise me. As marketing mobile games is a bloody hard endeavor. With being featured on the IOS store or trending on the Google Play Store being the best ways to get any sort of exposure.

After the success of the original and how innovative and unique of a title it was, here’s hoping lighting strikes twice. Not only for the success of Loveshack, but for the continued success of the Australia games industry.

Check out the release date trailer for Framed 2 below and if you missed out in the original, you can stick check it out on the App Store and Google Play Store right now.

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