EB Games Is Surprising Gamers With Level 5 EB World Memberships

EB Games announced this week that they had reached 5,000,000 EB World memberships and they’d be thanking fans in a number of ways.

Well, as of today, privileged members have been receiving level 5 EB World memberships. Previously, gamers could only receive the maximum of Level 4.

The new benefits are actually pretty decent too. In addition to what looks like a brand new card, key ring and some limited edition pins, there are some in-store benefits too.

Level 5 members will get the below benefits:

  • A dedicated customer service email
  • 25% Bonus Trade Credit
  • 10% Discount on Reboot Repairs
  • 20% off Threadz at EB & Zing
  • 20 Days Satisfaction Returns Period
  • Free Ticket To EB EXpo
  • 3 Week Pre-order Hold Guarantee
  • Upgrade A Friend To Level 3 for 1 Year
  • Birthday Offer
  • Christmas Gift
  • Personalised Membership guard

Whilst EB Games does get a lot of flack, it’s clear that there’s a bunch of hardcore shoppers that love the brand and it’s good to see EB Games thanking their biggest fans in a pretty awesome way. It’s sure to make gamers feel that little bit extra special.

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The full email reads:

There are powerful moments throughout every gamer’s life that have made them what they are today. Entering Rapture for the first time in Bioshock, Pulling off the Union Depository heist in GTA V and Surviving the Museum of Witchcraft in Fallout 4

We’re honoured to have played a part in the epic adventure, heart-stopping action, spine-chilling thrills and more as you’ve worked tirelessly towards another milestone in your gaming journey.. today you’ve become of the elite members chosen for the ultimate level of EB World: Level 5.

It’s because of legendary gamers and pop culture enthusiasts like you that EB World has become the prosperous kingdom it is today. Thank you for accompanying us on this quest and congratulations on joining the boss level!

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  2. i know someone who has got 43,000k level-4 and did not get level 5 due to the northern area manager in my state has black list him due they go his sister-in law in trouble for abusing a person with a disability and not a thing was done he even try to tell his carer to place him a a dog leash they got it all on tape. it who you know that will get you level 5 not the points on level 4 and that is what is happening in my state

  3. From what ive heard, what they dont tell you is that only a select few lvl 4 who bought a lot of stuff regularly between january and may got the lvl 5 cards. For a lot of lvl 4 its quite a low punch, cos regardless of how many carrots you have you didnt buy enough stuff at the right time.

    1. Its good to stop those people that have cheated and got almost a million points years back from getting something of value now.

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