The Greens Want To Support Australian Game Developers With $100 Million Of Funding

It’s been revealed by the SMH that The Greens want a $100 million investment fund to support Australian video game developers. As we already know (and have stated many times of this website), they’ve recognised the severe lack of support by the Turnbull government of our very talented local industry.

The Greens will soon announce their plan for a Games Investment and Enterprise fund as a part of its by-election campaign for the seat of Batman in Melbourne (which is home to the majority of Australia’s game development scene).

Whilst our local development scene is worth over $3 billion, local developers have struggled due to a lack of funding and support by our government who still doesn’t see video games as a legitimate form of entertainment and education.

  1. Question where are they going to get the money, and why not just get rid of tax that hinders businesses in general rather than throw money the problem, which historically never works.

  2. But when would the Greens ever be in a position to give away $100 million? They may as well have said a trillion bucks – it ain’t gonna happen. Also government funding would drive the quality down. A good game needs to be a commercial success – but the Greens hate the idea of things being proven in the capitalistic marketplace.

    1. sadly this is true, kinda annoyed at the greens for ‘promising’ this when its never going to actually happen

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