The Today Show Debated Esports Being In The Olympics And Things Got Heated

When it comes to video games and the mainstream media, they’ve never quite taken games seriously and always negatively spin almost any story about video games.

Well, this segment on The Today Show over the weekend was definitely a mixed bag.

A panel of four (including Peter Stefanovic) were debating whether esports should be included in the Olympics. It’s a debate worth having and one that divides even the most hardcore of gamers. Whilst the discussion was civil for most of it, half of the panel were definitely quite disrespectful in their treatment of professional gamers (and gamers in general). They went as far as practically saying that there was no physical element to it whatsoever, and that was purely entertainment, at one point even comparing professional online gaming to kids opening presents on YouTube.

It’s worth a watch and definitely look digging into the comments to see how divided the world is on this specific subject.