It’s A Current Affair’s Turn To Tell Australians How Bad Violent Video Games Are

Straight off the heels of The Today Show talking about violent video games and their effect on children, ‘A Current Affair’ has tonight run a story on how Fornite is brainwashing children, causing them to become addicted and violent.

There are some good points raised in the piece, but once again it leans heavily on pushing the ‘fact’ that games like Fortnite can lead to increased aggression on the playground. It’s also worth arguing that there’s many more violent games on the market, that could potentially have worse effects on young people than Fortnite.

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You can watch the segment below.


The latest video game craze is violent, addictive and free, and the kids love it. So, when does harmless fun turn into unhealthy obsession? #9ACA | MORE ADVICE HERE:

Posted by A Current Affair on Tuesday, March 27, 2018

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