The Today Show Did Another Segment On “Video Game Violence” And Nobody Is Shocked

Another day, another sensationalised news piece on video games influencing kids.

This time, the focus was on Fortnite, which was quite bizarre considering the opening footage featured The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as well as Call Of Duty (two VERY similar games).

The conversation began with this Facebook Post last night, asking parents if they let their children play violent video games. It was actually a decent discussion, with most people weighing in on the fact that they have conversations with their children about the violence in those video games.

The Today Show then aired a five minute segment this morning on how Fortnite is causing addiction as well as desensitising children to violence. The segment featured a concerned mum as well as a psychologist who both had similar opinions and obviously, their opinions weren’t favourable to video games.

There’s no doubt that Fortnite is accessible to many people considering the fact that it’s free and available on all platforms, but once again, it’s very rich to blame the video game for causing addiction rather than these parents who are assumably letting their children play all day/night without restrictions on screen time (if that is a genuine concern of the parent).

You can watch the segment below:

  1. You see these kind of reports and Realize they have no intention of really understanding the gaming industry at all. 1. They don’t discuss from two sides (just the people who want to speak negatively) 2. They don’t focus or mention at all the Positives that come out of the industry every week. What about all the $$ raised for charity? The Sense of Community and how games bring people from all over the world together. 3. 100% agree with you guys on that instead of parents blaming the video games, Take control of your kids and don’t let them play certain games, there are content ratings for a reason. I believe it comes down to not having an understanding of Games at all and how Most people seem to think gaming is for KIDS only. They Fail to realize that just like the Movie Industry, there are plenty of Violent movies out there which are rated accordingly, which I would not take my kids to. Just as there is movies there are Games for Kids and There are Games for Adults. I’m a father of 2 and I can honestly say that just sitting down with your kids and explaining to them they can’t play this kind of game till their older (and if they ask to play, which they usually do, its simple just say NO) It comes down to parents control your Kids its not up to other people to do it. Most Consoles now have they Family restrictions on them which let Parents decide how much time, what games etc. their kids can play. Maybe instead of blaming the games, its about Time Parents got some training and understanding on these things.

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