World War 3’s New Gameplay Trailer Looks A Lot Like Battlefield

During Gamescom, Gameloft has released a new gameplay trailer for World War 3, an upcoming 64-player first-person shooter developed by The Farm 51 that is very reminiscent DICE’s Battlefield 3 and 4, released in 2013.

The game looks so similar in fact, I almost mistook it for Battlefield 4 – a game I’m particularly fond of – at first glance. The user interface, the environment design, the colour palette and simple assets (like bushes and boxes) in World at War look are eerily similar to the Battlefield game released five years earlier. Don’t believe me? Compare the two trailers below.

World War 3 promises to have mechanics that make it stand out against other first-person shooter offerings, however, including “a robust ballistic system, advanced armours and life-like weapons.”

Of course, resembling a Battlefield game is not necessarily a bad thing. Perhaps there are only so many ways a realistic first-person shooter can look, and Battlefield obviously doesn’t own 64-player shooters with the combination of infantry and vehicular combat. However, it does look like World War 3, soon to enter early access on PC, drew heavy inspiration from DICE’s games.