A Shot Has Been Fired At Dr DisRespect’s House Mid-Stream

Popular Twitch streamer, Guy Beahm, otherwise known by his alias, Dr DisRespect, has had his house shot at in what he claims is the second drive-by shooting in as many days. He was live streaming Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 from his home in San Diego on Twitch and gunshots can be heard via the stream’s audio. Beahm ended the broadcast soon after, but not before using his platform to speak directly at the shooter.

You can watch the harrowing clip below.

After hearing the shots, Beahm investigates and leaves the view of the camera. Several moments later, he returns, without the mullet wig and glasses worn as his Dr Disrespect character, informing his audience that he will have to end the stream, adding, “this is the second shot. Someone shot yesterday at our f******* house.” Clearly shaken by the events, Beahm also calls out the shooter, yelling, “you’re driving by, right? You pussy!”

Beahm claims the shots broke a window, but thankfully nor he or his family were injured in the attack. Beahm promptly ended the stream and involved to the police. Presently, his stream title reads, “Doc and Family Are Safe. Proper Measures are be [sic] taken while stream is down for the day.”