Foxtel Binge

Foxtel Binge Looks To Be Foxtel’s New Streaming Service

Foxtel looks set to unveil its new streaming service this week before it launches on May 25th.

As reported by TV Black Box, the service is heavily rumoured to be called Foxtel Binge, as the company registered the name ‘Binge’ as well as a logo recently. Foxtel Binge looks set to cost customers around $15 a month, with discounts coming for News Corp subscribers.

The company has apparently been working with studios to acquire content for its launch for the last 18 months. This includes the recent deal with HBO and HBO Max, which would mean that content such as Friends and the Big Bang Theory would move from Stan to the new Foxtel streaming service. It’s also likely that the platform will launch with Game of Thrones and the upcoming Game of Thrones spin-off.

The service will also see content from FX, BBC, Sony and NBCU. It’s set to launch with over 10,000 hours of content. It’s unclear if existing subscribers will get the service for free.

Thanks, TV BlackBox.