Hideo Kojima Apparently Wants To Make A Horror Game With Junji Ito

Earlier today we reported on a rather interesting discovery in the PC version of Death Stranding. You can check it out here but be warned, it’s not exactly safe for work. That’s not the last of the Kojima related news we have for you, however, but this report involves fewer appendages. During an interview at Comic-Con 2020, when asked if he was currently working on any video game projects, renowned Japanese horror mangaka Junji Ito revealed that he had recently been contacted by Hideo Kojima to collaborate on an unannounced horror title.

I do know director Kojima and we have been in conversation that he may have a horror-based game that he may be doing, and so he has invited me to work on that, but there are no details on it yet,” said the mangaka, speaking through the use of a translator.

While it’s certainly an exciting prospect, it’s worth noting that Ito is using fairly reserved language, confirming that Kojima is at the very least contemplating a new horror concept but may not be actively working toward its release at the present time. Kojima has stated on many occasions in the past, since the unfortunate (arguably devastating) cancellation of Silent Hills, that he has a great idea for a new horror title that incorporates what he considers a “revolutionary method to create terror“.

Whether or not this is indeed the project that Ito is referring to is unclear and whether or not Ito will actually be collaborating with Kojima in the near future is equally as unclear. As horror fans and fans of Hideo Kojima’s work alike, the most we can do is have fun with interim speculation and place our trust in the masterful game designer to continue to deliver more unique, creepy and downright wild experiences.

Thanks, ComicBook!