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CREDIT: @drowningthunder (Twitter)

An EB Games Store Went All Out For April Fools Putting Hilarious Fake Games On Shelves

An EB Games store in Western Australia went all out for April Fools’ Day creating fake and hilarious game titles, that gamers could find in-store on the shelves.

Games such as Daria, Spaghetti, Cats VR, Frasier and 384 copies of the exact same photo of Stephen Fry all lined the shelves with the release date of “April 1st, 2022”.

You can find all of the hilarious titles in the Tweet below.

Definitely a clever way to have a bit of fun without hurting anyone on April Fools’ Day. EB Games also created a line of SALE merch that you could actually buy, with proceeds going towards a good cause. You can find out more about that HERE.

I must say, April Fools’ Day felt a little bit muted this year, compared to previous years. You can find everything that we spotted in the round-up below.

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