Halo TV Show

The Halo TV Show’s Second Season Has Finished Filming But Don’t Expect A 2023 Release

That's a wrap, John Halo!

The second season of the Paramount+ adaptation of Xbox’s mammoth first-party FPS franchise, Halo, has reportedly wrapped filming and is now set to enter post-production.

That’s according to an Instagram post from lead Master Chief actor, Pablo Schreiber, who wrote the following very heartfelt message calling out the team making the show possible:

“Behind every single actor on every tv show or movie that u watch there is a team of artists working their asses off to help make that one performance possible. This is my team.”

“Each person here provides a critical service that I would be incapable of performing my role without. They are all talented artists in their own right. Hard workers who have completely committed to joining me on this journey and they’re all just wonderful people to boot. We spent a lot of time together these last 11 months. They kept me honest and kept me sane. And I couldn’t have done any of it without them! I love them all!

“From the bottom of my heart… Thank you!!!”

Schreiber then responded to comments on the post asking if this meant that Season 2 had wrapped filming, which he confirmed is indeed the case.

Will the second season deliver on the promise of the show, which had an admirable crack at delivering a TV-ready take on the Halo narrative? Time will tell, as Insider Gaming reports that the series may not premier until at least the second half of 2024 based on production timelines.

That means you’ve got plenty of time to catch up on the first season of Halo, if you’re yet to check it out. You can stream it by signing up and adding a Paramount+ subscription to your Amazon Prime Video membership (which will be going up in price soon – so grab a cheaper annual subscription while you can!)