Max Payne

Remedy’s Max Payne Remake Is Getting Close To Full Production Along With Control’s Multiplayer Spin-Off


Remedy has shared its latest financial report, and in it an update on how its various in-development projects are faring, including the hugely-anticipated remake of Max Payne and Max Payne 2 as well as Control 2, “Codename Condor” and “Codename Kestrel.”

The Max Payne remake, which is set to re-envision both of the games as one product and is being worked on in conjunction with rights-holder Rockstar Games, has reportedly been progressing well and will move into full production in the coming months. Full production in this context meaning the game will leave the earliest stages of concepting and prototyping and the lengthiest part of development will begin in earnest on actually building out the game.

Likewise, Codename Condor, which is Remedy’s multiplayer, live service spin-off of Control, has reportedly already entered full production. “Based on wide internal playtests, we can see that the core loop is engaging, and the game brings a unique Remedy angle to the genre,” the company writes in the release.

remedy roadmap

Continuing on the Control trend, in the wake of Remedy gaining acquiring full rights to the franchise from 505 Games, the company says that the team working on Control 2 is heads-down and expected to move to the “production readiness stage” over the coming months.

Lastly, the multiplayer Codename Kestrel continues on in the concept stage and no updates were given on Codename Vanguard, another multiplayer project that Remedy recently rebooted development on.

“After the Control rights acquisition, we can freely choose the right model with which to grow our two franchises and expand the Remedy Connected Universe,” Remedy CEO Tero Virtala said. “When expanding high-quality franchises, each new game benefits from the success of its predecessors and the existing fan base. We continue seeking further focus and synergies across our games portfolio and operations. Soon we expect to have two game projects simultaneously in full production and one in the production readiness stage for the first time. We are confident that the good progress of the beginning of the year carries over to the full production stages.”