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Universal Orlando’s Super Nintendo World Looks Amazing And Features Donkey Kong Country

I want to go to there.

Universal Epic Universe at the Universal Orlando Resort has revealed its first look at its upcoming Super Nintendo World attraction, which it plans to open in 2025.

Like the other recently-erected Super Nintendo World parks around the globe, this will be a huge, interactive experience as visitors walk through the world of the Mushroom Kingdom and take on rides, attractions, dining, merch and heaps more. Orlando’s take on the park will feature a lot of the same content as the Osaka and California editions, although it’ll beat out the latter by including the Yoshi’s Adventure ride and will also pack in the Donkey Kong Country-themed area that’s set to open in Universal Japan’s original park later this year.

Universal Epic Universe, which is an upcoming conglomerate of five different parks that also includes Dark Universe and How to Train Your Dragon, published a five-minute video showcasing the upcoming Super Nintendo World park, which you can watch below.

Entering through the iconic green pipe, you’ll grab your Power-Up Band which acts as your key to playing and interacting in the park, take on Bowser in the Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge augmented reality ride, eat at Toadstool Cafe, search for glowing Yoshi eggs in Yoshi’s Adventure, and of course brave the Minecart Madness rollercoaster in Donkey Kong Country. Universal says Minecart Madness uses innovative technology to bring the feeling of being on one of the iconic DKC minecarts to life without added effects or extra gimmicks, which sounds neat.

“Get your first look at the experiences at SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™, one of five amazing worlds at Universal Epic Universe. From Super Mario Land™ to Donkey Kong Country™, hear from some of the park’s creative team as they discuss the rides and attractions you’ll discover when Epic Universe opens in 2025.”

You can read more about Super Nintendo World at Universal Epic Universe right here.