Resident Evil 9 Could Be Revealed Soon And Launch Next Year According To A Prolific Leaker

No cap(com).

Frequent leaker, DuskGolem, whose info is somewhat regularly on the money, has stoked a fire under Resident Evil fans with the claim that Resident Evil 9 (or whatever it may eventually be titled) is set to be revealed soon and will launch next year, potentially early in the year.

Dusk had previously suggested that some internal delays would affect the launch of the next mainline Resident Evil title, but has now walked that back and reckons things are still on track. If prior knowledge holds true, they say, the game could launch as soon as January 2025.

While it’s important to realise that these claims haven’t been corroborated as of yet, and this particular leaker’s track record isn’t exactly impeccable, the idea of a new Resident Evil game in the next 12 months is exciting to think about. DuskGolem has previously said that this next title will be an ambitious “open world” entry with the biggest budget and longest development time in the series to date, having been in development since 2018.

“I have good news/rumors to deliver on Resident Evil 9. The possible delay I had heard murmurs about can be pushed aside,” their post thread begins. “RE9 should be revealed pretty soon & release next year. If what I heard previously holds true, should be in January. It’ll have had about 7 years in dev.”

“January 2025 I hadn’t heard now, just been a date I’d heard previously they probably are still aiming for, but never know in game dev. I won’t leak/rumor any other details of the game, just let Capcom do their thing & let them surprise people.”

Firmly in rumour territory then, until something more substantiative comes along. For now, Capcom’s next major project is Monster Hunter Wilds, which was revealed during The Game Awards last year and is set to launch at some point next year.