hitman vr reloaded

Hitman 3 VR Is Coming To Quest 3 With A New Visual Style And Dual-Wielding

Twice as much reloading.

Hitman 3 is getting a second go at the VR treatment, though you’ll need to be a Meta Quest 3 owner to get into it. Developer XR Games (Zombieland VR, Jurassic World Aftermath) isn’t just wholesale porting the original PSVR/PC VR version of the game to the Quest 3 headset though and is instead re-tooling it to fit the platform with a new graphical style and new features.

While the official Meta Store page doesn’t contain any actual gameplay video or screenshots of the game, it will apparently feature a new cel-shaded art style (presumably friendlier to the Quest 3’s modest visual chops) and introduce dual-wielding to the Hitman franchise for the first time, which seems like a natural fit for VR.
Here’s what the game’s store description has to say about this new version:
  • Dual-wielding: For the first time in the series, Hitman 3 VR: Reloaded introduces dual-wielding, allowing players to use two weapons or items simultaneously, adding a new dimension to strategic gameplay.
  • Brand new cel-shaded art-style: See Agent 47 in a whole new light with a stunning new cel-shaded visual style that enhances the immersive experience.
  • Overhauled user interface: Hitman 3’s UI has been completely redesigned for VR, ensuring intuitive control and navigation as Agent 47.
  • Improved movement options: Hitman 3 VR: Reloaded now offers fluid and natural movement options, making it easier than ever to navigate complex environments with speed and stealth.
  • Plus many more improvements: From visual enhancements to refined gameplay mechanics, this is the best Hitman VR experience to date, ensuring both Hitman veterans and new players alike can enjoy the ultimate virtual reality assassination experience.

Check out the announcement trailer for Hitman 3 VR: Reloaded below:

HITMAN 3 VR: Reloaded arrives exclusively on Meta Quest 3 this summer for $29.99 / £24.99 / €27.99. Reloaded includes dual-wielding, a cel-shaded art-style, enhanced interactivity, overhauled UI, new movement options and more.