Borderlands 4 Is Reportedly Getting A Reveal At Summer Game Fest

Time to hunt some vaults.

Leaker “Kurakasis,” who also recently claimed that a LEGO x Horizon project is on the way, as well as the announcement of a new Mafia game (which they’ve since retracted), has added yet another morsel of a pre-Summer Game Fest rumour appetiser with the assertion that Borderlands 4 will be getting a full reveal as part of this week’s SGF activities.

Kurakasis wrote in a post on Exputer, “It has been discovered via eXputer’s contacts that 2K will offer Borderlands 4’s first-ever reveal at the upcoming Summer Game Fest on June 7.

“There is also a chance that the game gets formally announced before the event, followed by a better show of it during the showcase, but I cannot confirm that at this point.

“Note that 2K has already announced that it plans on revealing “the next iteration in one of [its] biggest and most beloved franchises” at the Summer Game Fest. Borderlands 4 is said iteration.”

While the jury is certainly still out on whether this particular leaker has anything accurate to say, it already seemed fairly likely that 2K’s big SGF announcement could be a new Borderlands game given that Take-Two acquired Gearbox recently and confirmed that Borderlands 4 was in active development.

“Our acquisition of Gearbox is an exciting moment for Take-Two and will strengthen our industry-leading creative talent and portfolio of owned intellectual property, including the iconic Borderlands franchise,” Take-Two CEO, Strauss Zelnick, said in a statement at the time. “This combination enhances the financial profile of our existing projects with Gearbox and unlocks the opportunity for us to drive increased long-term growth by leveraging the full resources of Take-Two across all of Gearbox’s exciting initiatives.”

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“Joining forces with Take-Two Interactive and 2K will help Gearbox ascend to our next level,” added Gearbox founder and CEO, Randy Pitchford. “Take-Two and 2K have demonstrated repeatedly their commitment to our engine of generating creativity, happiness, and profit. We set the bar for interactive entertainment and achieved remarkable results with groundbreaking, record-setting games when we worked together at arm’s length as partners. I’m incredibly excited about what we can accomplish now that we’re fully aligned as one.