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PlayStation Reportedly Has A New LEGO Horizon Project Ready To Announce Soon

Please be a game, please be a game!

It sounds like PlayStation and LEGO are teeming up once again, and like last time it’s within the world of Horizon, though we don’t yet know if this project will be a new physical LEGO set or something more along the lines of a LEGO Horizon game.

This new project was initially teased by X user “Kurakasis,” who simply stated that PlayStation was readying up to show something new that would be a “collaboration” with LEGO on a well-known IP.

Following up the tease from Kurakasis, Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson, whose generally accepted to be a reliable source of information, straight-up revealed that this “collaboration” is indeed a LEGO Horizon project of some description. Initially with a more cryptic tease but then a more direct statement, Henderson said, “I’m not particularly fond of the ‘I know something, and you don’t’ obligatory vague insider BS. But from what I know, there’s a LEGO Horizon trailer that’s ready to go.

“It also suggests that the rumors of a showcase soon are accurate.”

News of a new LEGO kit based on another Horizon machine wouldn’t be all that surprising after the success of the LEGO Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck that launched back in 2022, but an actual game wouldn’t be all that surprising either with how much emphasis PlayStation seems to be placing on the franchise in recent times.

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We just had the PC port of Forbidden West in March, a standalone PS VR2 title last year, a tabletop game is on the way, there’s a multiplayer title seemingly still churning away in the background and rumours of a remaster of the original game continue to persist. Some folks have already theorised we may even see the multiplayer title, which didn’t seem to have a compelling visual style locked down yet in the earliest leaked footage, take on a LEGO spin – which feels like a stretch but would definitely be cool to see.

Though it has its detractors, and fair enough, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Horizon Forbidden West when it released back in 2022, writing in my review, “Horizon Forbidden West is an exceedingly clever sequel, a deep and addictive action RPG, a dense world that unfolds with an impeccable sense of pace, a visual tour de force and the masterful delivery of a promising concept. Somehow, by some sheer creative force a big, blockbuster open world game about post-apocalyptic tribal warriors with AR headsets fighting robot dinosaurs works even better the second time around. If you have access to a PlayStation you owe it to yourself to play this right away.”