Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition Looks To Be Launching Soon With PlayStation Trophies Already Live

Cameras at the ready!

After it was accidentally leaked early by the Microsoft Store, and then made playable to some Ubisoft+ users for a hot minute, it looks like the Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition might actually be launching soon.

When Ubisoft officially copped to its existence last year, it said the game would be launching in “early 2024,” which is going to be difficult to say for any longer than the next couple of weeks. But now a PlayStation trophy list for the game has emerged, and right before a Nintendo Direct that is all but confirmed for next week, suggesting the game could get a big shadow drop moment during said showcase.

Here’s the full list of trophies that have emerged for the game, thanks to Exophase:

Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition Trophy List

True Hillyan – Platinum
Earn all trophies

Bad Jade – Bronze
Get fined twice by the police

K-Bups Catcher – Bronze
Grab the K-Bups from Woof

Olden Times – Bronze
Take a sepia photo with your camera

Alpha Sectioned Out – Silver
Complete all Alpha Section areas

Speedy Jade – Silver
Complete your first run in Speedrun mode

Into Appearances – Silver
Obtain all customizations items

Yo Pearl Pro – Silver
Break Issam’s Yo Pearl record

Lucky Number 13 – Silver
Read Mdisk 13 obtained after winning the pallet game

Surrounded by Stars – Bronze
Pilot the spaceship to the moon

Beyond Good & Evil – Gold
Complete the game

Ok, let’s go! – Bronze
Power up the Hovercraft

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A Helping Heart – Bronze
Save a companion during combat

Avid Hillyan Reader – Bronze
Subscribe to all Hillyan newspapers

I Spy System 3? – Bronze
Take a picture of one of the constellations

Familiar Bloodsucker – Silver
Take a picture of the mosquito AEDES RAYMANIS

Racing Champion – Silver
Score 1st place in all 4 hovercraft races

Bounty Hunter – Silver
Chase down all 4 looters

Bountiful Volcano – Gold
Complete Volcano’s Treasure

Big Heart – Bronze
Get 13 hearts for Jade’s HP

Wildlife Photographer – Silver
Take 6 film rolls of animal photos

Data Manager – Bronze
Collect 18 Mdisks

Pearl-fection – Silver
Find 88 Pearls

Besting Peepers – Bronze
Win 3 times in the coconut shell game against Peepers

Gambling Queen – Bronze
Win 3 times in the pallet game against Francis (except Tutorial)

Heart Giver – Bronze
Give a PA 1 to a companion

Pig-ture Perfect – Bronze
Take a pig pic with Pey’j posing

Something Different – Bronze
Listen to Something Completely Different

Shauni NOhmpahkhan – Silver
Beat the DomZ High Priest without losing any hearts

Kicking Butt – Bronze
Kill 10 Alpha Section guards

Old Life, Other System – Silver
Open the chest in Pey’j’s hidden workshop

Will to Fight – Silver
Open the chest on Black Isle

Demons from the Past – Silver
Open the chest in the Akuda Bar (Room 1)

Finding Family – Silver
Open the chest in Volcano’s Treasure

Message Across the Stars – Gold
Finish the Hunt for Chests from the Past