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A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead Is A New First Person Horror Game Based On The Hit Films

Just quietly.

Saber Interactive has revealed a first look at A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead, a new first-person horror game based on the hit A Quiet Place film-turned-franchise.

The game is being developed by Stormind Games, which also made the Remothered games as well as Batora: Lost Haven, and has been announced for a release on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC with no release window set as of yet.

The Road Ahead will cast players as a young survivor attempting to survive in the post-apocalyptic world of the films, where twisted creatures hunt using only sound and the only way to stay alive is to be dead silent. Players will have to use their ingenuity and wits to observe their surroundings, use makeshift tools and slip by the creatures unnoticed.

The reveal trailer shows off some first-person gameplay (or at least an idea of what gameplay will be in the final game), which looks appropriately spooky and sounds appropriately quiet – at least until the “shh” hits the fan.

I’m actually quite keen for this one. The whole concept of A Quiet Place definitely lends itself quite well to a tense, immersive first-person horror game ala Alien Isolation, so hopefully the folks at Saber can do the idea justice.

Take a look at the trailer for A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead below:


A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead is a single-player horror adventure game inspired by the critically acclaimed blockbuster movie franchise that highlights a unique survivor story after an invasion of deadly creatures. In this exclusive spin-off, experience the journey of a young woman who must endure a treacherous apocalypse in the midst of interpersonal family conflicts, all while coming to terms with her own inner fears.

Unnerving Atmosphere — Experience absolute terror as you strive for silence when hiding from, and sneaking by, horrific creatures who hunt using only sound.

Untold Story — Embark on a dramatic adventure inspired by the A Quiet Place movie franchise as a young survivor trying to navigate the new, eerily tranquil, post-apocalyptic landscape.

Uncanny Ingenuity — Discover your own path through the world by observing your environment and leveraging the tools in your surroundings.