Familiar Pokemon Look Completely Different In Pokemon Moon and Sun

A bunch of new Pokemon Moon and Sun information was revealed overnight, with The Pokemon Company looking to change up a lot of the expected formulas of the Pokemon franchise.

The most interesting piece of information comes in the form of new Alola forms, which completely changes the look of some familiar Generation 1 Pokemon.

Vulpix is now an Ice Pokemon, Sandshrew and Sandslash have become Ice/Steel with Executor now becoming a massive long-necked giant. Personally, this gets me really excited about Pokemon Moon and Sun. I’ve never really taken a huge interest in anything past Gen 1, so to see some of my favourite Pokemon taking a new form is incredibly fascinating.

Another introduction in Pokemon Moon and Sun are Z-Moves, which are incredibly powerful moves that you’re able to use once during battle. All Pokemon are able to use a Z-Move, but two items are required. You’ll need a Z-Ring for your Trainer’s Arm and Z-Crystals that you can set into it. It’s a little bit confusing, but I’m incredibly excited to use these in battle. They look awesome.


In the form of new Pokemon, we got a look at Oricario who has four different types based on what island it’s found on. We also got a look at a number of other new Pokemon which you can see below.

Pokemon Moon and Sun will release on Friday November 18th for Nintendo 3DS.