The Pokemon Z-Ring Will See A Limited Release In Australia

219582_packshot_lNintendo Australia have today confirmed that the Pokemon Z-Ring as well as three Z-Crystal packs will be available in Australia. EB Games have confirmed pricing, the release date as well as the fact that they will be available in limited quantities.

The Pokemon Z-Ring will be $38 AUD and will synchronise with Pokemon Moon and Sun and will light up based on using Z-Moves in game. It will also include 3 crystals and a 5cm Pikachu figures. It will release on November 18.


Three packs of Z-Crystals will be released on November 18th for $10 AUD each. They’ll each include three Z-Crystals. The packs consist of:

  • Electric, Fighting and Normal
  • Steel, Rock and Poison
  • Ghost, Bug and Dark