Big W Has Opened Nintendo Switch Pre-orders

Big W has announced that they’ll be taking pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch in-store with a $50 deposit. They’ll have both the standard Grey and the Red/Blue combo available.

Unfortunately, they’re stating that it’ll be $469 on launch day, so there’s no specials or bundles to report as yet.

  1. I smells me another Nintendo flop of Wii U proportions…. and to thing, Nintendo have survived this long with their terrible hardware and bland 1st party games, and yet Sega died in the hardware market 15 years ago…. no justice…

      1. Exactly! Nintendo needs to get a clue quick smart. They will never compete with Microsoft now (that boat sailed long ago), however they can at least come up with some IPs that don’t require you to forget you just played the last almost identical 47 versions of Mario Kart, Zelda, Smash Bros or Super Mega Ultra Mario Sunshine Galaxy Party Luigi Edition 17.

        Enough with the bland IPs Ninty – time to try competing in the hardware and software arena instead of living in 1989 when Nintendo actually mattered in the gaming world….

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