British Tabloid Calls 1-2 Switch A “Sex Act Simulator”

Well, 1-2 Switch has been called a lot of things since it was announced in January, but you can now add Sex Act Simulator to that list.

The Sun tabloid which comes out of Britain has referred to 1-2 Switch as a hilarious mini-game compilation that will provide entertainment and awkwardness amongst family and friends.

It was their description of the cow milking game that they were fairly adamant was definitely created for sexual innuendo and to make people slightly uncomfortable.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 9.49.46 am

They then went one step further to suggest that it was a definite “sex act simulator”.

Honestly, it’s pretty good to see the Nintendo Switch getting some solid coverage in mainstream media, this might even get a few more people excited to buy the game, right?

You can read the article HERE.