Everybody 1-2 Switch Has Less Games Than The Original But Heaps More Players

Got 99 friends handy?

With Everybody 1-2 Switch, the surprise sequel to the Nintendo Switch’s launch collection of Joy Con-based mini games, releasing just around the corner on June 30th, Nintendo has finally dropped a comprehensive video of all of the games that will be available.

Somewhat surprisingly, there are less games included this time than in the previous entry, with a total of 17 activities to check out versus 1-2 Switch’s 28. That said, at least based on the video below, a lot of these are more involved than what was on offer previously and at least a couple have expanded variations. And, of course, they go well beyond the original 1-2 Switch’s two player count to go anywhere from eight players using Joy-Con controllers, up to 100 players in the smartphone-compatible games.

You can see all of the games coming to Everybody 1-2 Switch in the video below:

Some of the games shown, like Colour Shoot, Quiz Show and Auction look a lot more involved than the collection of fairly basic mini games that formed 1-2 Switch, and some of the more active group-based stuff like UFOs, Ninjas and Jump Rope look like they could be especially amusing activities to participate in or witness.

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Here’s a run-down of all of the games in Everybody 1-2 Switch as well as how each of them can be played:

List Of Games In Everybody 1-2 Switch

Joy-Con Only

  • Balloons
  • Hip Bump
  • Samurai Sword Fight
  • Relay Race
  • Joy-Con Hide & Seek

Smart Phone/Smart Device Only

  • Color Shoot
  • Auction
  • Bingo
  • Ice Cream Parlour

Joy-Con or Smart Device

  • Squats
  • Kitchen Timer
  • Musical Chairs
  • Statues
  • Quiz Show
  • Ninjas
  • UFOs
  • Jump Rope

Alongside the game, Nintendo is also dropping two new pairs of gorgeous, pastel-coloured Switch Joy-Con controllers. There’s a pastel purple and green pair, as well as a pastel pink and yellow set. You can pre-order both of them right here at Amazon.