Some Legend Has Completed Breath of the Wild In Under An Hour

It’s taken less than a week for a speedunner to complete The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in under an hour. Earlier this week, we posted about someone completing the game in an hour and six minutes, which we knew would be improved on, but it was hard to see someone shaving eight minutes off so quickly.

Speedrunner gymnast86 completed the game in 58 minutes and one second over on his Twitch channel.

There’s a number of new techniques which has helped him achieve this time. Something called “whistle sprinting” allows you to hold down the D-pad as well as tap the B button, and allows you recover stamina whilst sprinting. It wouldn’t make a huge different in regular gameplay, but when you’re trying to save every second, it definitely does.

Another major difference is by the usage of horse, in which has caused some controversy as you can technically get a horse as soon as you leave the opening area with a Smash Bros Link Amiibo. The issue is that a game such as Breath of the Wild that has a number of ways to complete it, leaves too much subjectiveness when speed running.

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Langauge also plays a big part of how much time you’re going to eat up during dialogue. Currently, the German language saves around twice second from the English version.

Honestly, speed running is to be admired, and I can’t wait to see what people come up with in order to shave more precious seconds off. I don’t doubt that we’ll be seeing better times in the near future, but surely it can’t get that much better than this.
A second speed runner has also been able to finish the game in under an hour, but has not been able to beat Gymnast84’s time as of yet.