Real Life Ink-blasting Splatoon Blasters Are Coming To Australia

Yep, you read that right. We’ve just come across these awesome Splatoon Blasters that shoot real-ink.

Starting in October, you’ll be able to get the Splattershot Blaster for $58. It includes two canisters of non-toxic ink goo as well as a pair of goggles. You’ll also be able to get the Mini Quick Shot Blaster for $38. It’ll only contain one canister of ink and goggles. Both guns shoot up to 10 metres and each canister will get you roughly 50 shots.

If you go crazy shooting, EB Games will also sell 2-packs of Ink-Goo refills for $16.

Honestly, I’m pretty surprised with the pricing of these. Especially the Mini Quick Shot blaster. $38 for a gun, goggles and a canister is pretty reasonable.

For those wanting to spend a little less, they’ll also have these Splat Balls which are essentially goo balls that will splat on impact.