Mario Party Top 100 Is The Perfect Game For Nintendo Switch

One of the best announcements (in my opinion) from today’s chockfull Nintendo Direct was the reveal of Mario Party: Top 100 which is coming exclusively to Nintendo 3DS. The game will bring back 100 of the best Mario Party mini games from the below console iterations.

  • Mario Party – Nintendo 64
  • Mario Party 2 – Nintendo 64
  • Mario Party 3 – Nintendo 64
  • Mario Party 4 – Nintendo Gamecube
  • Mario Party 5 – Nintendo Gamecube
  • Mario Party 6 – Nintendo Gamecube
  • Mario Party 7 – Nintendo Gamecube
  • Mario Party 8 – Nintendo Wi
  • Mario Party 9 – Nintendo Wii
  • Mario Party 10 – Nintendo Wii U

Now, surely the fact that it brings the best from all of Mario Party’s home console iterations alone means that it should at least be releasing on Nintendo Switch (as well as Nintendo 3DS if not exclusively).

Seriously though. Outside of the Wii (for mini game purposes), I can’t think of a better console than the Nintendo Switch to suit Mario Party. You can literally take the Switch anywhere and you have two controllers attached that are perfect for a wide variety of mini games. You just have to look at 1-2- Switch (even though the execution was poor) to see that these kind of games work incredibly well on the Switch due to the fact that you can easily take it anywhere and not have to lug controllers and cables around.

It hurts even more due to the fact that there’s already been two Mario Party games on 3DS and this literally is the best of the best. Just based on the few mini games that have been revealed, these are the best Mario Party mini games together in one nice package. There’s also no online play which wouldn’t be that big of an issue if it were on Switch, but it feels completely silly on Nintendo 3DS.

To make matters even worse, not only is the game only coming to Nintendo 3DS, we’re getting Mario Party Top 100 months later than the rest of the world. It’s coming to Australia in January, but America and the US are getting it in November.

I know I’m potentially being petty, but the last few console Mario Party games have included gimmicks that have quite frankly ruined the games. This looks to be all about the mini games and that’s exactly what I want from a Mario Party game, but not on Nintendo 3DS.

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